Goan Moolyacho Ross is a conventional Goan preparation. Ross suggests Goan curry and moolo indicates radish. This curry is very similar to Goan drumstick curry or sangacho ross, but to this curry mother does not incorporate black pepper seeds. You can have this curry with steamed rice, rava fried vegetable, stir fry or bhaji, kokum kadi, papad and salad to have a basic Goan veg lunch. This curry may perhaps seem uncomplicated, but it is wholesome as radish is loaded with fibre, vitamin B6 and folic acid which are really very good for wellness. Also radish controls blood strain and if superior for diabetics. Dal is rich in protein and folic acid.


Provide Goan Moolyacho Ross together with Steamed Rice and Cauliflower Thoran for a great weekday meal.


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